Passion for boats and sailing has always been part of our family, and sharing the passions and the joy for them is what enriches us the most. Our boat is just one hour drive from Florence, you can share a day with us or take a short cruise for a few days.

“For 30 years I have been going by sea, I love long cruises but since I am on the boat all year I also love to do some regattas.
Our boat, called “Ely j”, is a Grand Soleil Maxione and is the second launched by the shipyard; in 1992, with the second owner he had participated in the Antigua Sailing week.” Alessandro, the boutique hotel owner and sea captain said.

“There is always an island that does not exist for each of us, the dreamer’s vein is accentuated by those who are forced to imagine things beyond the horizon. We were two days north of the island of Elba: Cape Enfola peninsula. Napoleon preferred it to Corfu and Dylan Thomas wrote: “Fortunato Napoleone…here they make beautiful baths…”. I add: lucky us when the night is so magical, after champagne, a spaghetti with garlic, oil and chilli and lots of kisses.” Our guests wrote this after two day and night travel in the sea in front of Tuscany. We want to share our passion, contact us to have more informations.