Alessandro, owner of the Boutique Hotel in Piazza della Signoria, opens his kitchen to those who want to learn the genuine recipes of the Tuscan tradition and a philosophy of food based on the balance between mind and body.

His decades of experience was formed in the field, cooking for family and friends and was perfected through courses and seminars. His style is unmistakable, he knows how to put you at ease and gives you all the passion that a Tuscan can have for good living and good food, always with a hint of lightness and joy.

The cooking course starts from the fundamental choice of fresh and genuine ingredients: in the morning the participants go with Alessandro to the historic Sant’Ambrogio market or to selected Florentine shops, to participate in the shopping ritual. This becomes an amazing way to get to know Florence with the eyes of a Florentine and to capture sounds, colors and smells that make this city unique in the world.

After choosing and purchasing the best ingredients, you will find yourself in the fully equipped kitchen on the top floor of the building in Piazza della Signoria which houses the Boutique Hotel. Here begins the cooking class which consists of preparing an appetizer, a first course and a second course of the Tuscan and Mediterranean tradition, with a menu that always varies according to the seasons and the ingredients available.

As a great lover of the sea – as soon as he can take off with his sailboat – the chef likes to include fish-based recipes on the menu, which will surprise you with their goodness but also ease in being prepared. You witness the preparation and cooking with Alessandro, who reveals irresistible tricks and stories. Because we know that cooking is sociality and culture, sharing stories that tell us about the past and enrich our wealth of knowledge. They make us aware of our connection with nature and its products.

After completing the preparation of the dishes you move into the dining room with a view of Piazza della Signoria, where, after setting the table according to the Italian tradition, you can enjoy the dishes prepared by the course participants and share the experience. Conviviality is one of the founding characteristics of Tuscan cuisine: the pleasure of being together and sharing one’s own experiences in addition to food represents a ritual in Tuscany that finds few equals in other parts of the world.

The practical cooking course usually is aimed at groups of 4/6 people, can be held in Italian or English, and the cost is € 150 per person. The course is open to people of all ages (from 14 years old) and backgrounds, even to those approaching the kitchen for the first time. It is open to guests and non-guests of the boutique hotel. For the former there is a 15% discount on the final cost.

Contact us for more information and to book your course by writing to the email: or by calling 055 2399546. Chef Alessandro is looking forward to cooking with you!

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